Broadband Galway

We are often asked if we offer Broadband services in Co Galway. The answer to which is, no we don’t directly, but ‘we know a man who does’! If you need Broadband or to purchase we can recommend  services from partners in the Athlone, Portumna, Ballinasloe, Loughrea area – 

If you need super high speed Fibre broadband or can’t get standard cable or DSL broadband

from one of the main providers like Eircom, DigiWeb or NTL, perhaps because you are in a rural area and/or your phone line does not support it, or you live too far from a broadband enabled exchange etc, then your options are to either get Satellite broadband (very expensive compared to true broadband) or Wireless broadband (meaning it’s streamed from a wireless antennae in the vicinity, not meaning you use a wireless router to let you access it around your home or might do, but that’s a separate technology) or to try a mobile broadband service..

Hopefully you’ll find the info below helpful in your search for that perfect broadband package!

Wireless Broadband – Loughrea, East Galway and surrounding areas

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable Wireless Broadband in Co Galway area we recommend you talk to Enda Broderick at Lighthouse Networks (

The service works independently of your phone line (phone line not required) but you do have to have sufficient ‘line of sight’ visibility to the wireless mast, so you may be in or out of luck. The service itself is generally good but can be affected by severe weather. It’s cheaper than satellite, and you can enjoy good upload and download speeds.

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