How safe is your site?

How safe is your site?

How safe is your site? Save time, money, embarrassment, your online reputation and your visitors from attack! We take our clients online security seriously so we have a fantastic offer during March, which is a Total Website security package (usually €249+VAT)...

Love your Website this Valentines week

If your website is in need of a little TLC this Valentine’s week, we have just the thing! Treat your site to a makeover or a complete re-do, and you’ll enjoy the loving feeling of boosting your business at 10% OFF by just quoting the discount...

Test how mobile friendly your site is

FREE TEST - IS YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY? Did you know: People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.Test your site and receive a free report on how Google sees your websites mobile readiness! The Mobile-Friendly test tool is easy...

Manage your photos on Google My Business, Google Maps & Search

Noticed a photo that isn’t right of your business on Google?
Ah yes. That moment of horror when some old unflattering image has somehow managed to link itself to your listing on Google maps..and it’s potentially damaging your business. You try to see how to get rid of it, but you’re going round in circles on Google maps. Your coffee has gone cold. You’re muttering, have 10 thousand tabs open in your browser at once, and are considering weeping. Again. You have entered the twilight zone of the Google maps image that won’t die. Fret not, here’s how to fix it, and show your business in its best light by adding the photos you’d prefer to your listing!

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