‘I feel the need..the need..for speed‘ as one of the buffed pilots famously said in the cheesy 80’s classic Top Gun (kudos, or possibly ‘oh dear’ if you remember which one?)..anyway, Google has made no secret of the fact that, given the increasing prominence and dominance of mobile browsing, it uses site loading time and overall site speed as an important factor in determining where it puts YOUR site in its ranking.

Now, having announced the rollout of the Google AMP project…(Accelerated Mobile Pages) the need for speed is only going to become even more important.

If you site needs either a ‘tweak’ or an overhaul in that direction, or indeed if you don’t even have a mobile responsive website yet then you might want to read this and then talk to us about how we can help..(because we can AMP up your site y’know…!)

A Google Accelerated Mobile Pages result from the demo…


How the same article appears in browser when clicking a result…




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