How safe is your site?

by Feb 13, 2023special offers, website security

Save time, money, embarrassment, your online reputation and your visitors from attack!

We take our clients online security seriously so we have a fantastic offer during March, which is a Total Website security package (usually €249+VAT) installed and configured, completely FREE with all new business and charity website orders (over €799+VAT value).


  1.  SSL Certificate for your site (show the green ‘secure’ padlock in your browser bar) – encrypts data between your visitors browser and the website, keeping their data entered in forms, like credit card numbers or any other personal info encrypted and secure.
  2.  Web Application Firewall (WAF), Brute force attack prevention, realtime Malware scanner and prevention, Phishing Attack prevention, malicious file upload prevention, XSS Cross Site Scripting Attack Protection. Two Factor Authentication & Enforce Strong Password protection, Advanced IP Blocking, Fake Google bot detection & blocking
  3. Locking out users after too many login failures
  4. Locking out users after using the “forgot password” form too many times
  5. Optionally locking out anyone who uses an invalid username
  6. Preventing the CMS from giving hackers information about what usernames may exist on your system
  7.  CDN – Content Distribution Network – Configure your site on Cloudflare, the worlds leading Content Distribution Method – speed up your site with powerful caching, protects against DDoS attacks, monitors uptime

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“If you don’t take your website seriously, then the bad guys will.”

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