Pay us by Credit or Visa debit card – Securely and Simply..

On this page you can simply and securely pay a deposit or other outstanding amount on your account with us from your Credit Card.

This payment is processed securely by PayPal – please note, this means we never see or store your credit card details. You do not need a PayPal account to pay us by credit card on this site – it’s just slightly quicker if you already have one (as your name/address will be pre-filled when you login to your PayPal account).


Steps to make a secure payment

1. Click on the Pay Now button below

Where it says ‘Enter Donation amount’ enter the outstanding amount you wish to pay – (for a deposit, invoice payment etc) and Click on ‘Update Total’

3. In the field titled ‘Purpose‘ – enter a note to identify what the payment is for – e.g. Your Name, or Company Name, Invoice Number we’ve issued you with or Website name if you have one

4. To complete payment either log into PayPal (if you already have an account with them) OR

If you don’t have a PayPal account, click on the ‘Continue’ link on the bottom left hand side – from there you’ll be able to enter your contact and payment details securely.

5. When your payment is completed you’ll receive an email receipt from PayPal – we will also be informed of your payment from PayPal once it is successful.Thanks for paying!

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