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Survey Design Simplified

For engaging, relevant and intelligent surveys, our solution has every possible question type so you can collect the data you need!


pdf-iconMeerkat Survey Pro Features (PDF)


Create shorter, effective surveys that bring actionable results and help grow your business.

Boost participation with Piping, Advanced Branching with Skip Logic, and Pre-Population.

Create Customized Invitations and Reminders that entice people to respond.

More than questions and answers, our surveys are strategically built to help you engage your participants, build trust and develop relationships. Our publication and presentation-ready reports offer the finishing touch.


Our PDF survey brochure contains a list of all the functionality available through our complete survey design, publishing and reporting solution.

NB: Email management is available on request or you can use your own or another 3rd party solution and SMTP server to issue survey invitations to participants etc.



Advanced Question Types

Use advanced question types and multimedia files to efficiently ask complex questions.


Customized Look and Feel

We use our design and CSS skills to match your survey’s style, color, text, font and logo options to your company’s brand guidelines.


Mobile Responsive Platform


Your survey will adjust to mobile, iPhone, Android device, tablet and pc devices on the fly to ensure maximum visual appeal, device agnostic accessibility and usability.




Survey Reports

Our Intelligent Reports Help You Make Informed Decisions

We crunch your data with our reporting module to generate professional charts, graphs and tables you can easily share.Get a quick snapshot of your data…


Bar Graph Reports

Choose from 10 different customizable charts and graphs such as area charts, pie charts, and radar charts.

Response Rate Analysis

Observe response trends for a particular survey question such as year-to-year satisfaction with a product or service.

Analyze your data using standard statistical measures such as mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.

…Or drill down deeper to make important connections.

Conditional Report

survey6Create filters so you can focus on sub-group relationships that allow you to react to important trends in real time.

Comparison Report

Compare different datasets from a single survey in order to view how different groups responded to particular questions.

Cross Tab

View possible correlations between two or three variables in order to compare how different groups answered your survey questions.


Share real-time, professional reports with colleagues and clients.

Emailed Reports

Email reports that update in real-time, while managing who has access and for how long (when using our integrated survey email solution)

Microsoft Office Integration

Generate and download reports into Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations.


Share via Social Media

Distribute your report on Facebook and Twitter to your friends and followers.

pdf-iconDownload our FULL SURVEY FEATURES BROCHURE (PDF) or contact us to see how we can help you run your most successful survey ever!



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