WordPress, our CMS of choice for client sites, continues to improve with a few nice new features in the latest release, version 4.3.

Nicknamed ‘Billie‘ (after my all time favourite Jazz singer Billie Holiday as it happens), along with the usual security patches, it includes enhanced easy inline formatting options in the editor (using hashtags to easily create different Heading types for example), menu alterations and preview on the fly in the customiser, and perhaps most importantly, strong passwords created automatically for new users!

New WordPress sites we develop for clients will automatically have the latest version installed, and If you’re under a maintenance contract with us we’ll update you automatically as well. If your maintenance has lapsed (gasp, why would you?!) or you’re not a client yet and perhaps haven’t had your site updated for a long time, and are concerned about having an older version with security holes (as you should be, given that regular WordPress updates are essential to maintaining security for your site), or would just like to enjoy the new features of 4.3, then please contact us and we’ll look at your site to see if we can update it easily for you as we often will be able to do.





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